Chris Missal

A programmer, nerd, goofball, and technologist.

Chris is a software developer, currently located in beautiful Austin, TX. You can find him online in many places, usually by the username ChrisMissal. To learn more about Chris's thoughts on software and possible life in general, check out the blog posts below.

One of my fun ongoing experiments is Instagram is for Counting, which is me counting via Instagram pictures.

This is my Link

So we were talking about links in email that are not supposed to be forwarded. Things like password reset, unsubscribe,...

24 Nov 2015

The Oldest Thing I Own

A while back I asked my Mom if she still had any of my stuffed animals I had as a...

29 Jun 2015

Some Movies You Need to Watch

So I decided to watch another movie in my Netflix list (formerly “My Queue”, I still can’t not call it...

02 Mar 2015

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