Two Tracks at CRineta

02 Nov 2009

For the first time since I've been attending, and maybe since CRineta existed, we had two meetings tonight. The first was Tim Barcz presenting on Building and Testing Loosely Coupled Applications with Rhino Mocks and Keith Dahlby with an Introduction to .Net and Q & A. I attended the Introduction to .Net, not because I needed to learn it, but I thought it would be a discussion about using and developing applications in .Net and thought I could provide some of my experiences since it is primarily what I do. The discussion was great and there was a good turnout. I think people got a lot more out of it than I expected. (Not that I didn't think Keith would do a good job, but because the questions were excellent and a lot of people were taking notes). I'm hoping we can do more of these dual track sessions in the future!
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