Our Favorite Speakers

23 Jul 2013

The other day I asked on Twitter who were some of the favorite speakers at software conference:

And got some really great feedback. I thought I’d share the top responses and hopefully get some more recommendations in the comments. Let me know who is missing from the list!

  1. Scott Hanselman (@shanselman)
  2. Cory House (@housecor)
  3. Dave Rupert (@davatron5000)
  4. Jessica Kerr (@jessitron)
  5. Jimmy Bogard (@jbogard)
  6. Lea Verou (@leaverou)
  7. Leon Gersling (@rubybuddha)

Those were the top “vote getters”. The following received at least one vote.

If I haven’t already, I’m looking forward to seeing these people speak in my future!

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