The Oldest Thing I Own

29 Jun 2015

A while back I asked my Mom if she still had any of my stuffed animals I had as a kid. She looked and wasn’t able to find any. I was slightly bummed, but not too much since I try not to have too much “stuff”.

My older sister got wind of this request and decided to get me a copy of my favorite, a baby chimpanzee named Chee Chee. As a child of over 360 months old, I was given a stuff animal as a Christmas gift.

Here is a new Chee Chee in all his glory:

New Chee Chee on Imgur

Shortly after I was back home in Iowa for the holidays my Mom found a crate with a bunch of old things in it. The good news is that the entire crate was filled with stuffed animals. The bad news is that everything appeared to be rotten or moldy or eaten by moths, bugs, or what have you. As mi Madre was emptying the crate of the nasty, decomposing plush creatures, she actually found one that was untouched by the torments of nature and time. She pulled out a small chimpanzee!

Original Chee Chee on Imgur

While he's clearly beat up, naked, pacifier-less, and in desperate need of a bath... He still looks exactly like I remember him!

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