You found me on LinkedIn!

That’s great, I must be doing something right if you’re here. There are a few things I need to to mention so you understand how I use LinkedIn.

My professional summary:

Most of my profession has lead me down the Microsoft path, but I can develop solutions for anything if the web is involved. I am a strong believer in testing, continuous integration and other extreme programming/agile techniques. As a passionate full stack developer with a focus on the web, I speak fluent HTTP.

Over the years, these skills have allowed me work on and improve projects for some of the largest (Top 10) companies in the world, Internet Retailer Top 500 Companies and many other multi-million dollar corporations.

Not only do I have the communication and technical skills to help organizations succeed, I also help out with several open source initiatives. I’m passionate about knowledge, sharing, learning, and growing as a software developer.

I like connecting with people

I’m a big believer in helping people out and introducing friends and acquaintances to one another so that they might find a better job, a new friend, or their next business partner. I use LinkedIn as an address book of connections. I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s for and how I should be using it.

It’s fun to mess with people

You might notice that I’ve been endorsed in a few odd categories. While I do think I’m good with Magnets (Bucky Balls), I also have a few endorsements in Squirrels. These tags are fun to assign to one another as a joke from time to time. Many of them are serious, but don’t get caught up in each one individually, some are just friends having a laugh at my expense. I’m okay with that.

Send me invitation to connect

Go ahead, do it! I’ll most likely accept it, unless it looks spammy, but I must warn you: I’m rarely looking for a new gig. Unlike others in the software development community, I don’t like to job hop. I like to work at a place, add value, and grow until I can’t do both any longer. Therefore, if you’re trying to hire me for a new job, there’s less than a 1% chance I’ll consider it. Sometimes I am willing to do part-time contract work.

I might know somebody…

Occasionally I’ll connect you with the right person that is looking for what you’re offering and everybody wins. So feel free to connect!