Technical Presentations

Here are some presentations I have given at conferences, user groups, or at work. Some might be outdated, others not so much. If you’d like me to give a presentation, please contact me!

Case Study – How We Do Web Development at Headspring

In this presentation I went through many of the tools we are currently using at Headspring to do web development. The slides are their own will point you to the tools, but there is a lot more to discuss about how they’re used and how they came to be an item in our stack. If you have questions about anything here, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

PowerPoint download (Headspring Web Dev)

Testing As Simple As It Can Possibly Be With Fixie

Over the years I’ve come to realize just how much I depend on tests I wrote many, many years ago, and often it’s quite painful. High-ceremony frameworks using weird inheritance rules, syntax inspired by other languages - some frameworks I’ve used even have their very own language (Gherkin anyone?). I thought that stuff was fun back then… now, not so much. I’ve tossed all of that and decided to test for the future me: make things as simple as possible. To help me do this, I’ve decided to use Fixie. And I love it!

A “fixie” is what’s left when you take all the opinionated parts away from a bicycle and leave just the bike. Fixie, the test framework, takes the same approach. Why bend your tests to the framework when you can tell the framework to work exactly how you’d like?

In this session I’ll show you how I’ve changed the way I write tests using Fixie’s amazingly simple syntax. We’ll start off with some simple tests and then I’ll bolt on some of my opinions (of which there are many) - showing you how easy it is to create the tests you want that match the way you work so that, many years from now, you don’t drive yourself crazy.

PowerPoint Download (Fixie)

Clean Client/Server Code

This talk is all about keeping your HTML/CSS/JavaScript lean and reactive to let your server code drive your application. It’s mostly a variety of tips and tricks that’s best consumed with me speaking at you.

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Use Dynamic to Ditch the Boring Code

Here I talk about how dynamic code can be used in .NET projects. Moreover, I discuss how I have used it successfully in open source projects that I have worked. Examples come from Formo and Freddie.

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An Intro to Ext JS

This presentation gives an overview of what Ext JS is all about. It overviews the concepts behind the framework and

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