My Work

The following is an ever-growing list of things that I have built or helped out with.

Sites I've Built

NuGet Status
NuGet Status is a site that lets you view NuGet package information including whether the package is using the most up to date versions and what else is dependent on it.
If you're in need of an image to fill up some space on site you're building, why not put an image of Kevin Spacey there?

Day Job/Organizations

I began working at Headspring in Feb 2012 as a Senior Consultant. This job change brought me to Austin, Texas.
Los Techies
I was invited to begin blogging for Los Techies in Jan 2009. I'm not one of the more prolific bloggers on the site, but I do have a few posts and always plan on posting more in the future.
Other Events
Sometimes I help out with community events or groups, here are some in which I've helped in the past.

Open Source

Formo is a .NET library that lets you use your configuration files as a dynamic object. There are some nice helper methods that do convenient type casting for you as well as let you fallback to sensible defaults if values are missing (or not yet configured).
Quiche lets you bake your objects into query strings. What does that mean? Well, you can turn a .NET object into a representation of itself to be passed into an API. This technique has helped me work with APIs over the years so I decided to share it.